Entry #3

A 10 Year Regret

2013-04-11 08:18:34 by Nights57

I first made a Newgrounds account 10 years ago. That's nuts. I was 13 when I was first browsing this site. I'm still have fond memories of navigating through the series of porn ads while trying to view cartoons on my families desktop in the living room.

I regret leaving the flash community. I LOVED the flash community when I was younger. Not only did I immerse myself in it - I showed all my friends. I wanted to share my love. I had dreams of being the next Legendary Frog (who at the time was immensely popular), and sunk ludicrous amounts of time into games and movies that unfortunately never made it due to a long series of unfortunate computer failures.

But what was the nail in the coffin for me wasn't my own personal failure. It was the damnation of flash. I remember back when flash was hated, mocked, and ridiculed. "If you want to make a game that's actually good, don't learn actionscript. It'll only be a waste of time." "Anything that is essentially a plug in will never stand the sands of time." "Flash crashes like crazy, it's terrible.", and so on and so forth. These messages compounded until my belief was that flash was a fun little hobby, but mostly a waste of time. I'd be just as well off playing a video game (and over the years, many a game playing has happened!) or watching tv. Little did I know of the future that flash had. Launching internet celebrities like Egoraptor or Rubber Ross into their careers, or even game developers like Edmund McMillan.

I regret giving up because other people told me to. 10 years later, I'm back, and full of piss and vinegar. I have an internship making web games, and a slowly but albeit growing blog. I'm back practicing a passion that never really left me.

And I'll be damned if I ever let someone take that away from me again.


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2013-04-11 14:06:19

It's been a while, but, wasn't Flash more ridiculed when Macromedia owned it? Then Adobe bought it, things got worse, yet the complaints started to grow silent.... weird.

Really glad to hear your love of Flashcraft has been rekindled! Might be a good time to sign up for NG ad-rev... which isn't all that crash hot, but does track which of your pages gets the most hits. Actually, to get any kind of monthly revenue, you gotta get around 2000 'page impressions' or better a month.

Nights57 responds:

Thanks for the ad information man : ). Glad to be back!

And yeah that's true, I wonder why that happened. People still sometimes hate on Flash (I know Edmund McMillan has cursed it on more then one occasion), but I think it's a love-hate relationship.


2013-05-20 07:54:16

Fuck. Shocked your game didn't get reviewed in Tom's newspost! Seems like only squeaky wheels and high fan numbers seem to get any attention :\ I thought the two reviews that were left (with your html5 game), were fair, although the star ratings were a bit too low.

Don't be a wall flower, say some things in the BBS!

Nights57 responds:

Thanks man! Apparently I missed some rules, and accidentally never submitted my game to the contest. Talk about embarrassing! All that headache and stressing to meet a deadline for something I didn't even enter, haha.

You've inspired me to be more active/present in the community! I'll try to be something other then a lurker (my natural posting style)


2013-05-27 15:48:48

Well... it's barely a community, but I guess it pays to look around the threads for stuff. Plenty more contests of every flavor, in the works.
Would you be allowed to upload any games from your job here, or are they site-proprietary?

Nights57 responds:

Most forums I go to are total anarchy, so I'll feel right at home. I'm definitely trying to compete in a bunch more contest anyhow. I haven't actually done anything Flash related in over 4 months now D :

And unfortunately no, contractually I basically have no ownership of the games I make. I should take the time to upload some small games I've made just for friends though, always would be nice to have more people be able to see something you worked your ass off on.


2013-05-30 22:03:49

Work-for-hire, yup, that's where all my good video went in the late 20th century.

I'd like to see some of those little games you made. Most of the programming I did was in BASIC in the 1980's. They had C+ by then, but weren't teaching it in HS, so I didn't even bother with the course. Gotta be an easier way to earn a living lol


2013-11-29 05:31:24

Oi, you have a YouTube channel? I don't subscribe to it... but wheres the link?
Found that before and after videogaming picture on your game site, from Dorkly, thanks! Haven't seen a site like that, in a damn long while... so many good sites over the years have fallen...