I'm really liking this whole Newgrounds Blog thing

2007-07-23 13:15:39 by Nights57

I worked a great bit on my Kirby Flash Movie. I still need to think of a name for it, as "Kirby Rampage" has already been taken. This'll be my first sprite movie, but I think it's coming along well. It certainly is a lot of fun to make, and if I bust my ass today (Which I probably won't), I could get it done.


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2009-04-25 11:27:27

You should make more Warcraft flashes


2013-04-10 13:59:49

So you're still kicking and still know how to use Flash? Never say die, right?

Nights57 responds:

Haha, that's right! I've actually made a number of flash movies (and even a flash game!) since my hiatus here, but I never uploaded any of them because they were all gags/gifts for friends and as such filled with personal or inside jokes.